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How To Use The Desktop Version of the Fin4Family Saver Application

The Documentation for the Fin4Family program is a user manual for the individual modules of the money saving application. To get information about its functions, you can – from practically any position in the saver – by using the „Help” button in the top menu or the „?” in the open windows, go to the item you are interested in in the Documentation.

Why do I need Fin4Family?

Probably all of us, at some stage, have come to the conclusion that managing the household budget is beyond us. This is because we don’t know where we should save our money that we are constantly short of, and we don’t know how much money we really have. Are we spending too much? Or do we have a surplus? How can we manage our budget to our best advantage? And each of us in such a situation would wish that the problems would be solved on their own. Unfortunately, no one will offer us a magic wand to this end, but we can use tools that will help us manage our finances. The money-saving application serves this purpose. – (tu logo)

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