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Set goals and control expenses

In the Fin4Family app, you can set goals for your expenses and check whether you are able to achieve them. Plan how much money you need for vacation, car, or retirement, and start implementing your plan. Reach your goals, secure a future for yourself and your family. / Check in an easy and fast way which expenses are the greatest burden for you and your family. Perhaps you need to change the store, service provider or maybe mechanic? Open yourself up to new opportunities and cash flow!

Settle accounts with family or friends

In the Fin4Family app for Windows, you can settle all group expenses. You can define the people involved in the projects and even calculate their percentage share in the expenses. The app itself will do all the calculations and determine how to evenly divide the costs.

Define and manage projects

Our Windows app allows for advanced management of many projects, such as building a house or renovation. The functionality of the project will be perfectly synchronized with the business activity. You can define the next steps of your projects, save how much time you spent on their implementation, analyze your purchases, and much more.

Store receipt history

In the Fin4Family app, you can not only quickly add each expense, but also store photos of receipts or products. You will also add information to your expenses, e.g. related to warranties or options regarding the return of purchased products.

Locate your expenses

Thanks to our app, you can decide if information about your contractors is important to you. If you turn on the expense location function, you can check where your purchase was made on the map at any time.

Generate reports

Our app allows you to quickly generate income, cost, and balance reports. You can filter the results by date, category, and other parameters. You will find reports in both the mobile and desktop versions. If you need more advanced reports, you can always download the Windows version of our app.

Use on multiple devices

You can use the Fin4Family app on both your computer and smartphone. The mobile app can be used as an independent tool or alongside desktop and cloud applications. In this way, you will gain additional functions, such as the ability to import data from the bank, budgeting, defining goals, and tracking the progress in planning expenses.

Sync your devices

You can synchronize data on several devices, so you have the guarantee that the data will be stored on them in the same way. You’ll have easy access to them, regardless of whether you are using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Thanks to synchronization, you are able to back up or share data with your family.

Organize your work with the app the way you want

You can add any number of accounts, categories, subcategories, tags, or comments. This way, you will plan your expenses in a way that suits you, no matter how much information about each transaction you want to keep. You can also use any currency.

Use safely and without restrictions

We fully respect your privacy. Providing any personal data is voluntary and depends solely on you. The security of your information is most important to us. That is why we have implemented the latest precautions to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands. We use all legal measures to protect personal data.